What Is Kevlar?

Kevlar is a material commonly used to make bulletproof vests as well as Kevlar jeans, Kevlar gloves and Kevlar jackets. If you want to make your own Kevlar clothing, you can buy Kevlar thread and Kevlar fabric quite cheaply online.
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What Is Special About Kevlar?

Kevlar is strong, flexible and light so it’s ideal for protective clothing and body armor. One problem with Kevlar is that it becomes weaker at higher temperatures, especially after a few hours. This is something to consider if you plan to wear Kevlar protective clothing or body armor in hot climates such as South America, the Middle East or Africa.
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The Science Behind Kevlar

Kevlar is a para aromatic polyamide (para-aramid) synthetic fiber. Kevlar contains lots of inter-chain bonds which makes it extremely strong. Strands of Kevlar also have aromatic stacking interactions which greatly adds to their strength. Because Kevlar has a structure consisting of quite rigid molecules it forms flat sheets, just like silk.
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Who Makes Kevlar?

Kevlar is made by Du Pont, an American chemical company. Du Pont invented Kevlar in 1965 for use in tires. Lots of companies make Kevlar protective clothing and body armor. One of the first companies to make bulletproof vests from Kevlar is Second Chance, which was bought by Armor Holdings Inc. and is now BAE Systems Mobility & Protection Systems.
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