How To Buy A Bulletproof Vest

This website helps you to choose and buy a bulletproof vest for yourself or a loved one. You can actually buy bulletproof vests on Amazon.com Bulletproof vests are obviously worn by the police and the military but in recent years they have become essential for bodyguards, aid workers, private detectives, bounty hunters and even some business people and celebrities.

What Is A Bulletproof Vest?

A bulletproof vest, also called a ballistic vest, is a vest or jacket designed to lesson the effects of being shot. The level of protection depends on the materials being used and how thick the material are. Some bulletproof vests also protect against knife attacks.
Bulletproof vests are usually made of Kevlar fabric, which is woven from Kevlar fiber(Made by DuPont). Newer fabrics like Dyneemer, Gold Flex, Spectra, Twaron, Dragon Skin and Zylon are also used. The newer fabrics are much more expensive but they can provide better ballistic protection and are lighter and more comfortable than Kevlar bulletproof vests.

Why Do I Need A Bulletproof Vest?

A bulletproof vest can save your life. Hopefully you will never be shot at, but wearing a bulletproof vest can give you peace of mind in the toughest of situations. If you just want the appearance of a bulletproof vest for a movie or a play, you can buy a vest cover and fill it with foam, or you can buy a Flak Jacket from an army surplus store.

How Do I Choose A Bulletproof Vest?

The two main factors to consider are the level of protection you need and the situations in which you will be wearing the bulletproof vest. Bulletproof vests that offer higher levels of protection tend to be be bulk and heavy, so they are not really suitable for daily use. If you are taking business trip to a dangerous country in South America, for example, it’s very wise to wear a slimline bulletproof vest under your shirt whenever you go out. If, on the other hand, you are going to South Africa as an aid worker you might need to wear a bulky vest over your clothes.

Is It Legal To Buy, Own and Wear A Bulletproof Vest?

Well, the short answer is “it depends”. In most countries, and most US states anybody can legally buy, own and wear a bulletproof vest. Obviously wearing a bulletproof vest in certain situations is going to attract attention. In many US states it is ILLEGAL to buy or wear a bulletproof vest if you are a convicted felon.